Sunday, September 6, 2015

PlanNerd Sunday

I know that I said I'd never get into planners, but with all of the cute accessories and planners these days, it's really hard to just say no.
So, that means I'm up today with my first PlanNerd post for Timeless Twine/Bella Creationz.
I have to admit, this was REALLY fun to put together.  But don't be deceived - it isn't as easy as it looking!  This spread took over 2 hours to make but I wanted it PERFECT - CUTE yet FUNCTIONAL.
Here is the main week:
I LOVE the weekend stamp from the Weekend Plans stamp set!
I LOVE the journaling spot on the PlanNerd and the Project Planner spot on the PlanNerd 2 stamp sets.  The journaling spot is also GREAT for making lists (like chores...pffft.) and shopping lists!

When stamping, one technique that I'm really loving is double stamping w/o re-inking.  It's just fun!!

You can find all of these AWESOME planner stamps (and more!) in the Bella Creations Etsy shop.
xoxo, Amber

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