Friday, April 29, 2011

simple things.

My husband actually got home before 7 tonight. Loved it. What's a simple thing that means so much to you?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I did my first ATC card swap this month and it was fun!!  Here's the card I made. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I met this gal on a message board when I was pregnant.  She ended up having her baby 3 days after Bug was born.  Unfortunately, she wasn't blessed to have a healthy baby and hers has been fighting brain cancer.  Scarlett is a fighter.  She's going to kick cancer's butt, and she's DARLING.  I've been loving to read the blog that they've been keeping and really admire the courage and strength that Scarlett's parents have had throughout this whole ordeal.  When I get a case of the "poor me's", it helps me to remember how lucky and blessed my life is.  You can read about her here.  It's a very positive perspective on something so horrible.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the new project.

Ever since I had Bug, I've really been wanting to document more than just a day in her life...more like a week.  Something along the lines of what Ali Edwards does with her "Week in the Life" project each year.  One of the girls @ Crop Chocolate did a LO of her kids nightly routine and it really inspired me to get to work on this project.  I've already bought the papers and embellishments for it, from Heidi Grace Designs. (Do you guys do that?  Buy things before you've figured out what to do with them?  Michele, your hand better be raised!! :))

(please excuse the crappy photography.  it's midnight here and I'm tired. :))
The papers are 5x7 so I'm thinking something maybe 6x6??  I'm loving the fact that I have a concept in my head but am really not sure where this is going to go.

Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

product review - WRMK Brad Setter & Paper Piercer

Tired of hurting your fingers, trying to pull apart the prongs on the back of a brad that you've put so lovingly on your LO??

Well, hurt no more!! 
Has a metal V-ish tip that spreads apart the back of your brad.  Totally painless AND - it has a paper piercer on the other end.  2 in 1 tool.  Used it with the piercing mat that I have for my Sew Easy (review coming soon!) and it worked awesome.  I found myself giggling as I was putting brads on my LO.  Highly recommend this tool. :)  It's my new favorite. 

J's Book

I made a cute little mini-book for my 12 yr old son about his little Sissy.  Very simple as it's for a boy that I'm pretty sure would rather be "scootering" than admiring brads and such. :)

so, what IS an Ambaju? defines "ambaju" as:

ambaju- no dictionary results

Wow.  No results.  A non-existant word?  Really, though - this word has been around for several years, as it's a nickname that I've acquired from my husband.  I'm pretty sure that it came about as a mixture of my name (Amber) and my dog Juliet's name.  Pretty ingenious if you ask me. 

So, I've created a definition of my own for it:

ambaju - all things Amber.

Yes, yes.  This I can live with. :)