Saturday, June 23, 2012

card swap.

There's always some swap of some sort going on over at  This time was a card swap.  I love card swaps.  I love having a stash of cards ready to go because I am what you call a procrastinator.  I'm usually making something at the last minute so something like this is PERFECT for me!  Here are the 4 that I made:

Monday, June 11, 2012

winner, winner - chicken dinner!

As per

and the #25 blog hop candy winner is:
Molossus said...
At it's worst, your craft area is neater than mine, lol!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

**BLOG HOP!** Organize Your Hoarder Room!

Just kidding about the title....for my readers anyways.  My crafty space was indeed a hoarder room, or organized chaos as I call it.  :)  

Here's my space before:

I really do struggle with keeping things neat and tidy.  If it's put away in it's place, I can't ever find it.  If it's left out, I typically know exactly where it's at.  Ask my husband - he can vouch for that! :)  

Here are my after pictures.  

So, I basically have 3 walls in my crafty space.  This desk shares a wall with my sewing stuff.  That is not included in this post. :)  I share my "diecut desk" with my husbands cords for the internet and stereo system, etc.  There's not a ton I can do about it, but when my laptop is under the Cameo, the back mess stays quite hidden. :)

On my other 2 walls are my shelves, another desk and my paper tower.  I have a big window by my desk that I love, and use the sill as storage as well.  

I don't care for my desk.  At all.  But I did find a bright side to it - this little pull out shelfy thing where I keep my big tools like a paper trimmer, score board, etc.  This part of the desk makes me not hate it so much.  

I had one of those big embellishment centers from Making Memories on the wall, but I bought a new shelf and needed to move my paper tower to the other side of the desk so I had to take it down.  Along with taking it down came all of my inks, stickles, etc. with no home to call their own.  So, I went to WalMart and got some stacking storage bins and honestly - I LOVE THEM.  I don't mind having to dig through for what I'm looking for.  My staple items are going to be on the top as I use them (walnut stain...) all of the time.  It works perfectly for me!  

Now, for the fun stuff.

This Blog Hop is being hosted by the Design Team for CropChocolate.  If you've never been to CropChocolate's site, you're totally missing out.  

If you found me in the middle of perusing the internet, WELCOME!!  I am the beginning of the hop, so please - play along! :)

After you're done here, you'll need to hop on over to Paula I's blog.  She'll then send you off to your next stop from there.  

Now for the REALLY fun stuff. :)

Leave a comment, and follow my blog (if you don't already!) for your chance to win this:

On Monday, June 11th I'll draw a random winner and send these goodies off to them! :)  You can't win if you don't play! :)  Now, I'm off to make another disaster.


Monday, June 4, 2012

baked cauliflower poppers.

I don't love cooking.  It's just not something I've ever enjoyed doing.  Since Pinterest came along, I'm finding lots of EASY things that I've been making and they've been REALLY good!!  We had a little BBQ over Memorial Day weekend and I decided to try this little recipe.  Enjoy!