Wednesday, July 3, 2013

project life.

If you're an avid scrapbooker, then you'll know what I'm referring to when I mention "Project Life" or PL.  I've recently began to dabble in this style of memory keeping.

I felt like I was getting too behind.  
Too many pictures to catalog (and let's be honest - I'm NOT going to take less! :)) so I needed something that was going to let me document everything that I feel needs to be included in our family scrapbook.  I obsessed over this Memorial Day weekend debating if I wanted to take on something else and totally change how I've been doing thing.

The answer is yes, and I'm loving every minute of it! :)

Here's my first REAL attempt at cataloging a week:

I've done several "spreads" since and I see my style changing (and getting better, haha!) already, and how I'm going to go about doing my weeks going forward.  I plan on "traditional" scrapbooking the BIG things - professional pictures, some holidays, etc. and just incorporate them into this different style.

I need to catch up on blogging.  Several posts coming your way! :P

xoxo, Amber


  1. Great pages!! Can't wait to see what's next!!

  2. Those are great Amber! Great leap! Great start!

  3. These are fantastic!! Great moments captured!


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