Monday, March 4, 2013

yum, yums.

Every once in a while I get on a cooking kick.  I was SO proud of myself for last week making a meal plan and sticking with it.  Amazing how much money you save that way. :)

Now...  About the sticking to it.  I was watching a program on one of our local news stations and I saw a recipe for Greek yogurt ranch dip.  It's as easy as putting the packet into the tub of yogurt, and stirring.

I was pretty excited to find this recipe.  We're trying to eat healthier, but my husband doesn't like raw veggies plain and sour cream isn't exactly healthy.  Now he'll eat what I put in his lunch bag. :)

Here's a link for it.  I actually like it better than using sour cream.  

On this same show, Six Sister's Stuff was also doing a cooking segment.  They made a bow tie pasta salad with grilled chicken, cheese, and veggies.  It looked delicious so I went and grabbed the stuff to make it. :)

One note on the pasta - I actually used Barilla Plus Farfalle pasta.  It's a multi-grain pasta so much healthier than reg. white pasta and honestly - I couldn't tell a difference!

My little girl gobbled it up (except for the broccoli) and actually had seconds.

xoxo Amber


  1. That pasta sounds delish! I tried the ranch with greek yogurt and didn't like it. It made my tongue fuzzy lol

  2. Have you tried apple dip. My daughter used to love it and we'd make it for the disney friday movie as a snack. One fat free kool whip and one small container of your favorite yogurt, cut apples and dip. pretty easy and the kids love it. I'm going to try the ranch dip maybe i'll get Juju to eat some carrots :)


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