Thursday, May 30, 2013

pinterest fail - mini pizzas.

I love doing my meal plans from Pinterest, especially since I can plan things that Little N can help with.

Last night I tried these mini pizzas:

Put the crust (Pilsbury Pizza Crust) in the pan, bake 1/2 way through, add toppings and finish baking.

Really - I know I'm NOT the best cook in the world but who could screw this up?

They turned out really heavy and just not good at all.  I ate one, and N had a few bites.

I am going to try again with maybe a different crust....or maybe my pizza will come out of the box from now on. :)

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  1. Bleh. I hate it when something looks so good on Pinterest and it doesn't work IRL (esp. food!). I'd love to know if you change something and it works.


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