Sunday, July 10, 2011

a new snug.

I spent the weekend down at my mom's house.  Small, quaint, little town aka The Boonies.  BUT, I love it. :) 

We decided to take a drive on Friday to a little craft store that we'd heard about but never been.  In that store were SUPER cute minky blankets.  We were inspired and decided to make a new rag snug (aka blanket) for Bug.

Found some way cute, bright fabric in my mom's stash:
Went into town and bought some minky to match with it.  Bug {LOVES} teeky soft blankets so we HAD to have more minky than cotton.

The final project:
And, of course we had to have my Executive Assistant help us.  
How can I say no to that?!?! :)  She loves it and had been sleeping with it since that night. 

Thanks mom for all of your help in sewing and cutting!!!  You're so talented. :)

xoxo Amber

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