Thursday, June 30, 2011

upcoming fun and a recipe.

Tomorrow there is going to be a fabulous BLOG HOP. 
It's going to start at 10am mountain time, and run through tomorrow, Friday 7/1 and Saturday 7/2.
Check back here tomorrow for details and a chance to win a prize of your own.

To tide that crafty appetite of yours over, here's a delicious recipe for
Crock Pot Lasagna:
1 box whole wheat ready to bake noodles.
1 jar spaghetti sauce.
1lb ground turkey.
1 container ricotta cheese.
1 small bag mozarella cheese.
1 small bag parmesan cheese.
1c of milk. 

Brown turkey, and season to taste. 
Mix turkey in with jar of spaghetti sauce. 
Mix all 3 cheeses and milk together. 

In your crock pot, layer noodles, meat, and cheeses.  I start with noodles, then meat, then cheese.  Then noodles, cheese, meat, noodles and cheese on top. :)  I put extra mozzerella and parmesan on top of the layer of cheese, because really - can you ever have too much cheese??

I cooked on high for an hour, and then low for another hour.  Just test your noodles by sticking a fork in it and see if they're soft to your liking.  Once they're done, serve and eat!

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  1. This sounds incredibly easy, and very yummy. I may just have to try this out tonight!


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